Shaking Mountains

Dear child,

Today’s letter is going to focus on praying to move mountains. James 5: 13 – 18 reads tells us that if we need anything, from joy, to forgiveness, to healing and for miraculous wonders we should pray and sing psalms. For the effective and fervent prayer of the righteous man avails much. I thought it fitting to touch on the three adjective used to describe the prayer of a person that avails much.


In Ghana, people sometimes tend to believe that for a prayer to be effectice it has to be shouted. But guess what: Jesus didn’t have to shout to the waves when He was in the storm with the disciples. A quiet peace be still calmed the wind. Now why is that? It all comes down to faith and authority. You can shout all you want for the sick to be healed and for the rain to not come, but if you don’t see it before it materialises and if you don’t believe before you can see it, it is not going to happen. Faith in the unseen pleases God because it shows how much trust you have in Him. You can’t pray for a sickness or an addiction in your life to be broken if you don’t have the faith that God can turn anything against you to something for you. So for your prayer to be effective, believe that it is done before you can see the victory; because that alone in itself is a victory. Again, as children of God we must realise that we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. He has given us authority by His name. Stop playing a victim in your prayers and start being the conqueror you are in Him.

1st Thessalonians 5: 17 “pray without ceasing”. In Hebrew, fervent means to burn in the spirit. Therefore, I took it to mean having a boiling passion in prayer or praying with much enthusiasm. Sometimes we pray pitiful prayers (I honestly can say I am guilty of this), but here’s the thing: the KING deserves more than a half- hearted rushed repetitive prayer. So let’s learn how to pray in order to overwhelm the heart of the Father and thus shake the kingdom of hell. How? Revere and bless God. Give thanks for what is seen and unseen. Don’t hide your sin and ask for forgiveness. Make requests according to His will, which is shown through His Word. Use His word in prayer. Have faith. Talk to Him about what is in your heart and what burdens you. Not only does fervent prayer give results, but it helps us create more intimate and loving relationships with God. It allows us to not just be vulnerable and more open to Him, but also for Him to help us grow, talk to us more, and just enjoy our times with Him.

All men that follow Jesus must pursue righteousness and holiness. And all men that are truly found in Christ and pursue Him have been given authority over all things. So acknowledge who you are: a daughter or son of the God Most High, a brother or sister of Christ Jesus, a furture Bride to a loving Bridegroom. Know who you are and Whose you are, and even if the situation looks bleak speak life into it. Tell the situation, I am God’s child. I am covered by His blood. I am made in His image. And all things must bow to the Yeshua HaMashiach I serve. Finally realise that once you are in Christ, you have been given His righteousness (1 Peter 2:24).


I remember once it was about to rain and the clouds were really dark and I had just started my walk back to my hostel. Becasue I knew I wouldn’t make it before the rain began to pour and I didn’t have any protective tool; I did the only thing I could do. I told the rain that in Jesus’ name it was not going to fall until I reached my hostel and I told God that because I know He is going to hold back this rain for me, I’m not going to run but I’m going to enjoy my walk with Him back home. As soon I arrived at the hostel, the rain began. I won’t lie; I was not just surprised but actually shocked that it worked and the fact that the rain began the minute that I was safe was crazzzyyyyyy. But that’s just how much He loves me. And He loves you the same as well.

I have been reminded of this story by the Holy Spirit to let you know that you have authority because of who you belong to. Have faith. Because if I had doubted God and His power, even a little bit, I am certain it would have rained.  So know who you are in Christ. It’s key.

Love the mother,



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