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Hello everybody!

You will find on this page upcoming blog posts for the month, challenges to encourage a deeper relationship with God, and once a year series updates.  Have fun exploring and feel free to come back again with other viewers.

  • Upcoming Blog Posts:
    • The Only Jesus series will be posted during the whole month of July
  • 2017 Series: Only Jesus

The 2017 series is titled Only Jesus, is going to be released in July. Only Jesus is a series that focuses on the fact that Jesus alone is our help. Normally, as Christians we tend to sometimes have this notion that we can depend on our own strength or that our porblems are too big or too small for God. But good news, Jesus wants to carry your burdens, help you let go of that sin that is eating you and wants you to know that it is not too late. So watch out for this series which is going to be life – changing for you.