Music Lovers

This blog post is for all music lovers. Here's to broadening your music library.


The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

In continuation with Befriending the Holy Spirit see how He worked in the Old Testament. Also search for “Holy Spirit” in the search box and find all posts written about Him for this series. ❤️

Partial Loving

In today's letter, find out what the Bible says about loving the others; especially the brethren. And find out how your loving them can change people's lives.

Shaking Mountains

As believers we have the power through Christ Jesus to shake mountains, live as walking miracles and allow the supernatural to be natural in our lives. But it all starts with prayer. Explore today's letter and find out what you've left out in your prayer life.

Fix Your Focus

Sometimes it can be easy to forget why we should focus on Jesus. In Matthew 6: 22 - 23, Jesus tells us why it is important to make Him our love and to fill our lives with the things above.